Just Furr Fun

Supporting Animal Shelters. Showcasing Nashville Songwriters. Saluting Best Friends.

15 Nashville musicians and artists have given their time and talents to create an original collection of songs, inspired by different breeds of dog, all to support pet shelters nationwide.

Donate to a shelter near you and download the music.

  • $5 - Provides a new toy for a shelter pet 
  • $10 - Provides a microchip
  • $25 - Ensures a wellness exam
  • $50 - Provides vaccines
  •  $100 - A spay or neuter
  • $250 - Dental cleaning
  • $500 - Life-saving medical procedures

All Givz donations have a 0% platform free, meaning Givz will not receive a slice of your donation, only your charity.

About the Project:

When the challenges of 2020 surfaced and we began quarantining, ad agency, Moosylvania, decided to combine our love for music and dogs into an effort to bring a smile to people’s faces. 

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