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Animals on factory farms will never bask in the sun, roll in the grass, or breathe fresh air.
12 hours ago
Like other animals, fish can feel pain and suffer. 💔
13 hours ago
While the high-tech machines will initially be able to print around 40 pounds of vegan beef per hour, the company’s…
14 hours ago
We're singing happy birthday to vegan food appreciator and entertainment icon @RickiLake! 💃🎶
15 hours ago
@jamesbondtrain A very good reason.
16 hours ago
@RogerSt47838947 So true. It's up to all of us!
16 hours ago
@waggytails2 Well said!
16 hours ago
Designed to kill as many chickens as possible in the shortest amount of time, live-shackle slaughter poses both ser…
16 hours ago
It's up to all of us.
18 hours ago
@KimPracticeTNR 💔
18 hours ago
RT @vegwomensummit: The #plantbased industry is expected to reach $74b by 2027, yet less than 3% of all capital in the world goes towards f…
19 hours ago
In live-shackle slaughter, birds are shackled upside down by their legs, painfully shocked, slashed at the throat,…
19 hours ago

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