Humane Society of Charlotte
The Humane Society of Charlotte believes in working to improve our community by creating new, loving families, and building a world where there are no more homeless and unwanted animals. This is an ongoing process — for every animal we can connect with a new family, another animal in need comes to HSC’s shelter. The Humane Society of Charlotte follows a no-kill philosophy, which is based on saving all animals that come to us. We believe that no healthy, treatable, behaviorally sound animal should have to be euthanized in our community. We only reserve euthanasia for animals whose prognosis is poor and quality of life is compromised or those that pose a danger to public safety. We are working towards this goal by supporting our local municipal shelter and those in the greater Charlotte community. Our commitment to this philosophy is evident in our live release rate of 99.9% for the animals that come into our care. We are able to have this excellent outcome by having programming and activities centered on our four pillars of focus which are prevention, retention, placement, and education. That’s why, as a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the HSC relies on the generous support of animal-loving individuals in our community to fund our work, along with low-cost fees for adoption, spay/neuter, and wellness services.
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"Marsha is now 'Ginger' - and she is amazing!! She sleeps w me every night, eats and drinks fine, very affectionate…
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We feel this in our souls.
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Will you help us build our new home? Join the Challenge now:
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RT @steeljennifer1: Great stuff, great cause!
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