Denver Dumb Friends League
Working with our compassionate community, we will end pet homelessness and animal suffering. When our organization was founded in 1910, it was named after a London, England, animal welfare group called “Our Dumb Friends League.” In those days, the term “dumb” was widely used to refer to animals because they lacked the power of human speech. Today, the Dumb Friends League, headquartered in Denver, is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region—providing a strong, compassionate and steadfast voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. The Dumb Friends League is an independent, local, nonprofit organization. We are not an affiliate of any national animal welfare organizations.
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It's showtime. - BEETLEJUICE #AdoptDontShop #Beetlejuice #halloweenpets
4 hours ago
I yam what I yam, an' that's a hamster. - POPEYE 🎃🎃🎃 #adoptdontshop #popeyethesailorman…
7 hours ago
You're going to turn me into one of those fat, useless, contented house cats. - BINKS🧙‍♀️🌕…
8 hours ago
Meowza! That was 71 years ago. @nuggets
a day ago
@ChrisNoNews @ChrisNoNews, our Leslie A. Malone Center (formerly Quebec) is currently open to the public. Please, v…
a day ago
The wonderful thing about Tiggers Is Tiggers are wonderful things Their tops are made out of rubber Their bottoms a…
a day ago
#Meow it's #NationalCatDay. I don't know about you, Twitter, but I feel so much... yummier letting you know.
a day ago
"I'm tiny. Take me home." - Shay (2-month-old lab puppy) 😭❤️😭❤️
a day ago
Giovanni is our #WetNoseWednesday pet with @1067TheBullCO & @957theparty!! Visit to learn…
2 days ago
RT @chrisparente: This kitty has used a few of those 9 lives. AMAZING story on @channel2kwgn this am. The critter was found with paws FROZE…
3 days ago
These are great! Keep ‘em coming!😂
3 days ago
@aaronoellis 😂😂😂
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