Arizona Humane Society
We save the most vulnerable animals and enrich the lives of pets and people. Innovation. Compassion. Excellence. • Safety Net for Valley’s Most Vulnerable Pets. Our comprehensive medical, behavioral rehabilitation, surrender intervention and spay/neuter initiatives saved an additional 100,000 lives over the last six years. • Ethical No-Kill Philosophy. We never euthanize pets for space or length of time. • Life-saving Programs. Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, Mutternity Suites, Kitten Nursery, Bottle Baby Kitten ICU and Parvo Puppy ICU save the lives of pets routinely euthanized in shelters. • Keeping Pets in Homes. Our Pet Resource Center and veterinary clinics connect pet owners with affordable medical, behavior and support services to help keep pets and people together. Justice for Abused Animals. We partner with law enforcement to conduct thousands of cruelty investigations. • Laws to Protect Animals. We advance legislation to protect pets and advocate to fight cruelty and neglect. • Affordable Spay/Neuter Services. We reduce pet overpopulation in our community. • Partner collaboration. We place pets in foster, rescue and permanent homes, reduce overcapacity in other shelters and reunite lost pets with their owners. • #WAGLOCAL. We are a local nonprofit, not affiliated with other Humane Societies, and dependent on private donations to fund our work. • Promoting the Human-Animal Bond. We inspire a compassionate and caring community for all animals through education and outreach.
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The most fashionable seal pup we've ever seen!
3 days ago
RT @KelseyLee_D: @dionnewarwick I love @azhumane - we save thousands of sick, injured and abused pets here in AZ with nowhere else to go, l…
5 days ago
RT @asiafaoro: Meet the newest member of our pack, Harlow! 🤍🐾 @azhumane
9 days ago
Hi Harlow! We are so happy you found your forever home💕
10 days ago
RT @HallOfFlameAZ: Check out the tripodal cuteness of Lily, star of this month's "Firehouse Fido Feature" from @HallOfFlameAZ and @azhumane…
12 days ago
It's National Train Your Dog Month and AHS is here to help. Our certified dog trainers are offering private in-home…
12 days ago
RT @SpookySarahSays: Little Miss Spooky Boo has learned to roll over! She’s such a smart pupper! Now she knows sit, all the way (lay down),…
16 days ago
Learn about Cindy Lou Who's incredible rescue! #AdoptDontShop #RescuePet
17 days ago
Thank you for giving this sweet boy a loving home! #AdoptDontShop
17 days ago
RT @SpookySarahSays: Taking a short break to just post that my pup may be a wildling but she’s gorgeous! Please consider adopting a pup if…
17 days ago
RT @azfamily: SO CUTE! Pair of labs nicknamed the #GoldenGirls looking for their forever home 😍🐶🐶 @azhumane https:/…
22 days ago
RT @cgravelm: I am not tweeting enough about this silly girl we adopted 2 months ago, so here it is: Leena in her favorite sleeping positio…
23 days ago

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